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The Very Best Dog Healthcare Supplements based on Science and Nature

Our dog healthcare supplements & vitamins are based on sound well accepted scientific evidence and we are proud to show this evidence wherever possible. We believe that Nature and Science can go hand in hand and so the active ingredients in our natural dog remedies come from natural sources.

Quality Products for Canine Health

All of our canine healthcare supplements use pharmaceutical grade materials where at all possible, despite their increased cost, in order to guarantee the highest possible consistency and bio-activity. Our dog supplements and vitamins are always the highest quality-which makes them the perfect choice for quality-conscious consumers who want a healthy dog.

A  wide range of products to support your Dog’s Health

Our wide range of products, researched and developed in our own laboratories includes canine healthcare products to support:

Dog joint care and mobility. Our joint supplements provide the nutrients essential to maintain joint health and mobility

Omega 3 supplements for a  wide variety of health benefits for both younger and older dogs

Healthy skin and coat supplements provide the necessary vitamins and fatty acids for a healthy coat and a soft supple skin

Eye drops to maintain good eye health by providing the lubricants and anti-oxidents necessary for optimum eye health

Maintainance of a healthy heart through supplementation with the key amino acids that may be lacking in modern dog diets. Especially important for senior dogs

                                                   ...........................and lots more besides

A  friendly business who wants the same as you - a happy healthy pet