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DHA Omega 3 supplement for dogs heart health

Support for your dog's heart health, every day

Your dog deserves to enjoy an active life with a healthy heart, and Cardiomega is an ideal way that you can support your dog. Specially formulated for canine health, Cardiomega is not a medication: it's a convenient, concentrated Omega-3 supplement that helps you provide your dog with a nutritional content for heart health . Maintaining a healthy heart is important and if you notice changes in your dog’s behaviour, appetite, or willingness to exercise, talk to your vet.

Feed one capsule per day for every 10kg of your dog's weight. A 20kg dog would get two capsules per day. The capsules could be fed spread over the dog's meals, either given whole or the capsules opened and the granules sprinkled on the food.

Cardiomega's active ingredient is Omega 3 in the form of phospholipid DHA and EPA extracted from fish. In the phospholipid form Cardiomega is up to 50 times more bio-available than the DHA and EPA fatty acids in even the best fish oil. DHA is particularly important in maintaining healthy heart rythm in dogs and has been found effective in supporting arrythmia.