What can I do about my dog’s cataracts?


We are often approached by owners with a question about their dog’s cataracts.  Many want to know if there is an alternative to surgery and how reliable or effective the alternative may be.

Cataract surgery has a high though not perfect success rate and the results can be very good and give permanent improvement.  Nevertheless, not all dogs are suitable candidates because of age or other medical complications and additionally many owners simply cannot afford the expensive operation (although insurance if you have it should cover the cost). Continue reading What can I do about my dog’s cataracts?

Dog Beds for the Elderly – Magnetic or Orthopaedic


Last week we had a completely off topic email from one of our customers. This gentleman buys Flex Sprinkle for his Golden Retrievers but was asking for recommendations as to suitable beds for his increasingly elderly dogs.

Interesting subject & one we’ve enjoyed looking into – the question posed was which was better for creaking joints, magnetic or orthopaedic.

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Spirulina – is it safe?


Dangers of Spirulina are doing the rounds – So here’s what we have to say…….

There have been health scares about blue-green algae (Spirulina is one type of blue-green algae) recently in the press and social media. This first happened about 15 years ago and tends to get refreshed every few years. So do you need to worry about the Spirulina in our products?…

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