So you think you are ready for your next puppy?

A dog is for life – not just for Christmas. How often have we heard or read that phrase ………….. & still people buy a dog for the wrong reasons at the wrong times. Our new addition is just 5 … Continue Reading →

Monty the Tibetan Terrier enjoying his autumn holidays.

At just over a year old Monty went lame and seemed to be in a lot of pain. He was x-rayed and found to have severe hip dysplasia. The Vet decided to try a conservative treatment plan that included exercise, … Continue Reading →

To chew or not to chew, that is the question.

To chew or not to chew, that is the question. I have a new puppy at home in addition to three adult dogs. At almost  months of age the pup is exploring & learning all the time – mostly with … Continue Reading →

Can dogs understand words?

Have you ever wondered to what extent your dog can truly understand what you say? Researchers in the EU decided to put this question to the ultimate test by putting dogs inside MRI machines and measuring the effect of speaking … Continue Reading →

Dogs Die in Hot Cars – Do something about it

Shock tactics are used in this poster issued by the Government but how can we spread the word so that no dogs die as a direct result of warmer weather this year ………… Follow this link for advice from the … Continue Reading →

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why does your dog eat grass? Warmer weather has meant that I’ve sat outside more these last few days, happily watching our dogs mooching in the garden.   Two out of our three dogs regularly snack on grass, occasionally other plants … Continue Reading →

Dog Beds for the Elderly – Magnetic or Orthopaedic

Last week we had a completely off topic email from one of our customers. This gentleman buys Flex Sprinkle for his Golden Retrievers but was asking for recommendations as to suitable beds for his increasingly elderly dogs. Interesting subject & … Continue Reading →

Vaccinations – another viewpoint

Lee Windeatt, top international dog agility handler and trainer gives his views on vaccination for your dog. Lee is renowned for speaking his mind and this article is no exception. Lee’s research and fervour shine through in this article    I … Continue Reading →

Can I feed my dog too much fish oil?

We are hearing this question more frequently as the possible dangers of overfeeding fish oil are propagated on the net and in social media. It is of particular concern to us because we manufacture supplements containing fish oil fatty acids. … Continue Reading →

Alternative treatment for cut stopper pads??

Passim Final Frontier – aka the Meerkat, pet name Fey. (The dictionary definition for fey reads as follows – Having or displaying an otherworldly, magical, or fairylike aspect or quality.) Anyway Miss Fluffy Knickers recently suffered a minor injury, I … Continue Reading →

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