Tracy Flower shares this interesting article about MRD1 tests for her dog Bikini

Introducing Tracy Flower Tracy has successfully competed in agility for 19 years & also has previously competed in Working Trails with her now departed dog Bronte.  In 2014 she had a fantastic year competing and achieved the goals she set … Continue Reading →

Neutering – One Happy Coy, by Lee Windeatt, International Agility Handler

Lee Windeatt, International Agility Competitor and Dog Trainer has sent us this story of his experience with his young dog Coy  For years we have been encouraged to neuter our dogs and cats, we have been told this will help … Continue Reading →

Saints Sled Dog Rescue – Frosty’s Story

Frosty,  a two year old Siberian Husky, sadly has a problem with her eyes. As you can see from her picture she is showing the typical cloudiness of immature cataracts. Not down to hereditary factors or age in this case … Continue Reading →

Christmas presents for dogs

As we grow older Christmas becomes a place of memories..……. But what can our dogs remember of Christmas’s past? Judging by ours their Christmas morning highlight is the wrapping paper on everyone’s presents. They seem to enjoy it more each year and spread … Continue Reading →

Christmas delicacies to avoid

  The festive season is upon us and, apparently, a quarter of us dog parents are going to give our beloved animals a taste of Christmas – human style! Chocolate, nuts, grapes, raisins – all in abundance at this special time … Continue Reading →

Hypocillin and the Human Guinea Pig

Wherever possible we like to test our new products on ourselves before we give it to our own dogs and then finally we let our customer’s dogs check them out for us. Hypocillin was no exception.  On three separate occasions this … Continue Reading →

Hey You Dog Owners!

Many of our Ace-Canine products are really useful for cats Arthritis is very common in cats. It is an inflammatory disease of the joints in limbs, shoulders and spine.  It can easily go unnoticed because cats hide their discomfort more … Continue Reading →

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