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Vegetarian Dogs

Vegetarian Dogs Can dog’s really live without meat?Owners who decide to feed a vegetarian or vegan diet can fully satisfy their dogs dietary needs if they are aware of the species’ nutritional requirements. Dogs may prefer to be carnivores whenever...

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Green Lipped Mussel Dosage

How much Green Lipped Mussel does my dog need? There is no single correct amount to feed your dog. It will depend on the quality of the supplement, the size of your dog and on the severity of his/her impediment. However Green Lipped Mussel's effects are dose dependant...

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A Dog’s Nose Is Amazing

  A dog's nose is amazing This is a photo of all the blood vessels in a dog’s nose; beautiful & fascinating to behold.     The structure of the dog’s nose is formed by bones, muscles and soft tissue and includes a blood supply of arteries and veins plus nerves...

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Joy, time for a pup-date

 Joy, time for a pupdate Almost a year ago we at Ace Canine decided to sponsor a puppy through Guide Dog Training & here is the latest photo of her, looking so much more grown up. Joy has spent several months with her puppy walker, a volunteer called Jeanne. ...

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let Sleeping dogs lie! I came across an article the other day but cannot trace the author or where the research was published, nevertheless - still an interesting read. The author found that the average time our dogs spend resting/relaxing/sleeping is about 17 hours...

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O be Joy-full!

Meet Joy , the guide dog  We have in the past supported pleas for help from various worthy causes. On this occasion we’ve decided to sponsor a puppy in training to be a Guide Dog, a decision made in response to recent TV advertising.It was easy to set up a direct...

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Safe Dog Walking Fields

Safe Dog Walking Fields Browsing Facebook, as you do, I just came across a page listing safely fenced dog walking fields.  These are available for rent by groups or individuals – each according to their particular terms & conditions.  One can search by postcode,...

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Its a Vets life   Did you know that the rate of suicide in the veterinary profession is about four times higher than in the general population?  A sobering statistic. The rate is higher than in the medical profession even. There is a 24/7 telephone Helpline...

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Colour Coded Guide Dogs Would you know what it meant if you saw a Guide Dog with either a red and white or a blue and white harness flash?The photo above shows Cooper with a red and white flash on his harness. This indicates that the Guide Dog Owner has hearing loss...

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Sometimes the easiest solution is the best. It’s not always right to spend money needlessly on Supplements as this recent conversation with one of our customers shows. From: Maria Message: Hello, following a check up with our vet yesterday where I pointed out that my...

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