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Hip & Elbow Dysplasia - help in managing the condition

What is Dysplasia?

Hip and elbow dysplasia are forms of deformity of the hip or elbow joints.  It is an hereditary developmental disease that occurs during an animal’s growth period and can be apparent even in early puppyhood. While it is more common in large breed dogs, the fact is smaller breeds are not exempt and anyone owning a dog should become familiar with this condition.


Due to differences in growth rate of the various components of the joint, an ill fitting joint develops, poorly supported by surrounding ligaments and other tissues. This leads to discomfort for your dog and almost certainly the gradual development of arthritis in the joint.


Development & symptoms

The condition is not always apparent at first, it can start as early as 4 to 12 months in genetically predisposed puppies. Experienced owners may suspect it earlier and some dogs can mask the symptoms for a while. It’s  severity can only be diagnosed by X-Ray.

There are three stages of canine dysplasia – mild, moderate, and severe. Whilst severe dysplasia usually needs corrective surgery, mild and moderate dysplasia can usually be managed by the owner. Nevertheless there is every likelyhood that arthritis will develop in these joints as a result of the dysplasia.

Management of the condition

Non surgical treatment is essentially the same as treatment for arthritis including a weight management program (including nutritional supplements), medications to help support and repair cartilage and medications to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Refer to our topic on arthritis for more information.

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