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How much Green Lipped Mussel does my dog need?

There is no single correct amount to feed your dog. It will depend on the quality of the supplement, the size of your dog and on the severity of his/her impediment. However Green Lipped Mussel’s effects are dose dependant and this means that the more you feed (within reason) the more effect it will have.

Scientific trials have proved positive with levels from 450mg/dog to 2000mg/dog for an average sized dog. A much quoted contemporary advice from Dogs Naturally Magazine suggests 360mg per 10kg of body weight. But we have seen dogs respond well at half that dosage.

Why choose Sprinkles?

Our philosophy is that a “Sprinkle granule” delivers more Green Lipped Mussel, more economically, than capsules and tablets. We like to see our dogs getting 1000mg per 10-15kg of body weight because we believe this is the optimum balance between effectiveness and cost.







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