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Advanced natural support for itching and scratching in dogs

Itchy dogs can be unhappy dogs

You may well wonder if there is anything more you can do to relieve your dogs itching.
Well now there  is! Dermal o3  is a breakthrough product that strengthens your dog’s immune system from within using three clinically proven natural ingredients in combination together for the very first time.


The sound of a dog constantly scratching can be as irritating as nails on a blackboard. But don’t blame your dog for these annoying habit — a skin condition is probably the cause. Possible triggers range from parasites and allergies to underlying illness

You may well wonder if there is anything more you can do to relieve your dogs itching. Well now there  is! Dermal O3  is a breakthrough product that supports your dog’s immune system from within using three clinically proven natural ingredients in combination together for the very first time. 

It is important to eliminate parasites as the source of irritation. You may need to see your Vet if you can’t identify this for yourself.

Once parasites are eliminated persistent itching may be effectively managed by supplementation with a natural alternative designed for long term  use – without side effects –  such as Dermal O3

Clinical strength

D-Biotin is clinically* proven to support the production of the proteins that hair and claws are made from – promoting noticeable increased growth. Biotin-max for dogs provides the same amount as used in scientific trials to guarantee the maximum result for you and your pet.


Biotin is a vitamin (usually called Vitamin H or Vitamin B8) that your dog cannot manufacture for itself. Therefore your dog must obtain the minute quantities required from the diet or possibly from the micro-organisms in the gut.

Scientific research has confirmed that when Biotin is present in many times it’s normal concentration, something very unusual happens to hair and nail growth.


Feed one capsule per day for every 10kg of your pet’s weight;  a 20kg dog would need two capsules per day. You may feed the capsules whole, often with a treat, or you may open them and sprinkle the tasteless white powder onto or into your pet’s food.  

You should start to see changes after a couple of weeks. Bear in mind that both hair and nail are “dead” tissues and so you must give time for the stronger hair, and nail especially, to grow from the inside out.


Each capsule contains 5000 micrograms (5mg) of vitamin H (d-biotin) pharmacuetical grade 99% pure. Biotin is a safe water soluble vitamin, there are no known adverse side effects. Excess vitamin is excreted in the urine and does not accumulate in the body. It is safe for continued long term use if required.

Other ingredients are: vegetable gelatin(capsule), maltodextrin (carrier for biotin),  silicon dioxide

Skin care in West Highland White terriers

This breed in particular benefits from skincare support.  About a quarter of Westie’s surveyed needed skin care and management. Males more so than females

The range of ingredients found in Dermal O3 have scientific research behind them but t come from safe natural sources. 

NicotinamideA soluble form of vitamin B3, when present in exceptionally high levels has been found to reduce itching in the skin.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHAResearch has clearly indicated that above average concentration of these fatty acids, found only in fish, improves cell wall efficiency in the skin. 

Vitamin H, also called biotin;  It has been demonstrated that when present in large concentrations (5mg/10kilo body weight) then skin health and hair growth is dramatically increased.

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John 19/11/20

Flex Sprinkle
I've used Ace-Canine's Flex Sprinkle for my Goldie for years; ensuring she stays as supple and mobile as possible.
From ordering to delivery, within 24 hrs!!! Excellent service.

Nathalie S 19/11/20

Instant relief for our dog
Our 11 years old Keeshond started having joint issues and has an early stage of cataract. I contacted Ace Canine through their social media, asked for more information on which medication was best for our dog. Not only were they very helpful, I also got a discount code.
Our dog is relieving through her medication although if it's not given on time, she can relapse with fatigue and limping.
I've been giving her Clarifye for her cataract 4 times a day for a month, I think it helps but can't really tell for sure, also no changes on her eyes discolouration.
She's also taking Trimega as a multivitamin, Flex Celadrin and Flex Sprinkle Joincare. Now this combo has made a huge change on her overall health. She's back to being playful, even runs, seems more happy and has good appetite.
I used to give her as well Plaque Away, that definitely worked especially with foul breath but I stopped it as I didn't want to overload her with supplements.
All in all, would highly recommend Ace Canine products, it sure works on our dog.

Rachel 15/11/20

Flex Sprinkle Jointcare
Love the stuff ! The dogs do really well on it rate it. The company staff really helpfully and delivered without delay. One of the best company’s I have dealt with

Kevin Preston 4/11/20

Flex Celadrin
I bought the Flex Celadrin capsules as one of my older dogs was suffering with his back legs. Have to say it seems to have made a great difference in his walking now. Much better to use this then the injection he was getting every 6 months. I will definitely continue to use these capsules. Thank you.

Janice Dexter 13/11/20

Clarifye Eye Drops

Katy Fenton 11/11/20

Flex Sprinkle Jointcare
Wouldn't be without it. Tried cheaper but it's just NOT the same. 100% Recommended !!

Nicola 27/10/20

Flex Sprinkle Jointcare
Literally a miracle in a pot, our 16 year old staffy has a spring in his step and is moving about a lot more easier. Fantastic results, the loading dose has literally given him a new lease of life within 48 hours. We will be putting our 8 year old on it next. Amazing product that I wish we had known about sooner.

Karen Winter 14/11/2020

Clarifye Eye Drops
Excellent product - Clarifye. Has made an amazing improvement in my jack russells cataracts already even when she is 16 years old. It has given her a quality of life back and she is much happier in herself and enjoying her walks again. She can now see much longer distances and manages well in the dark.Product arrived promptly and well packaged. Thank you Ace Canine!!