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The safest anti-septic and anti-fungal to use around your dogs sensitive eyes and ears

When you need the strongest but gentlest too

Eye hygiene can help maintain bright, moist and alert eyes in your dog

Lack of ear hygiene can be important in dogs causing irritation and odour


How should I apply Hypocillin?

Hypocillin is applied to the affected area directly from the spray. It’s good practice to clear the nozzle with a couple of pumps first. Apply liberally, in the case of ears rubbing well into the skin where possible. Around the eyes use a wipe, cotton wool or tissue to clean away mucus or debris. Because Hypocillin is neutral it will not sting your dogs eyes but the sensation of having something sprayed into or around them may take some getting used to. Be cautious at first to allow your pet to become used to the spray sensation. Hypocillin does not need to be wiped off or rinsed. It is safe for you pet to lick at any area that has been treated.

How often should I apply it ?

Usually its best to apply Hypocillin 2 or 3 times daily, well spaced out. If you are applying medicated eye drops as well then don’t apply Hypocillin straight afterwards because you will wash out the medication before it has had a chance to work..

Can Hypocillin harm healthy tissue?

No. Hypochlorous acid is found naturally in the body, and it is harmless to skin and other tissues.It can be applied to open cuts, abrasions and wounds

How strong is Hypocillin compared to other antiseptics?

Hypocillin is many times as effective as other topical antiseptics such as bleaches and iodine solutions. It kills all known germs. It has a contact kill rate of 99.9999% within 15 seconds and 99.99999% within 60 seconds. This speed of kill is important because germs reproduce at such a fast rate that the tradional “99.99%” often quoted is in fact ineffective. The free chlorine content,a measurement of its strength, is 600ppm

Will it harm my dogs skin?

Hypocillin will not harm skin, will not cause inflammation and will not dry out or crack skin.

Hypocillin eye cleanser

Hypocillin Eye Spray is not only effective way to clean the eyes, but its antiseptic  properties will help maintain a healthy eye.

Used daily it will help to reduce tear staining. If your dog or cat is prone to a build up of mucus and other undesirables, clean them every day as a hygiene measure.

Spray a little hypocillin around  the eye and use a wipe to remove all surface debris around the eyelid. Hypocillin will not sting the eyes.

What Hypocillin does

Hypocillin is simply the safest and most effective antiseptic you will ever see, it’s a revolution in antiseptics. It is a topical application that mirrors the body’s own immune system.

The active ingredient in Hypocillin is Hypochlorous acid, which is produced naturally by the body’s own immune system. The body naturally produces minute amounts of hypochlorous acid exactly where needed. The stabilised hypochlorous spray in hypocillin mimics this action topically.

Patented Technology

It has long been acknowledged that Hypochlorous is highly effective  and that it is safe for users and has no environmental implications –unlike traditional chemical antiseptics. Until now however, it has not been possible to produce high strength Hypochlorous with a shelf life of more than a few hours. Hypocillin, with a  shelf life of 2 years, uses a patented breakthrough to create a practical easy to use antiseptic.


Although its sterilising powers are unrivalled, it is kind to healthy tissue and has a skin neutral pH, ensuring that it will not slow down the healing process like normal anti-septics will. It is not acidic or caustic and contains no chemicals that can damage sensitive areas, even the eyes, and it leaves no residue.

Safe and gentle

Hypocillin can be used without the precautions normally associated with bleach or other antiseptics.

  • Skin neutral pH
  • Contains 0% alcohol
  • Contains 0% bleach
  • Is non irritant to skin or eyes Does not dry or crack the skin
  • Carries no special disposal precautions

Crystal clear, almost odourless and tasteless it’s just like using pure water to clean and sterilise.

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