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Learning, Eyesight, Cardiovascular, Skin & Coat, Immune System, Senility

  • In all of these vitally important areas there is now an overwhelming body of evidence that EPA and DHA Omega 3 fatty acids from fish play a major role in contributing to good health, longevity and achievement of full potential
  • Trimega’s EPA and DHA Omega 3 fatty acids provide up to 50 times the assimilation of pressed salmon oil
  • Easy to use long life and low odour granules, non oily and a great taste

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How your dog may benefit from extra Omega 3

Heath, vitality and happiness

Omega 3 fish oils for Dogs

Learning . Eyesight . Cardiovascular . Joints . Skin & Coat . Immune System . Senility . Itching

In all of these vitally important areas there is now an overwhelming body of evidence that EPA and DHA Omega 3 fatty acids from fish play a major role in contributing to good health, longevity and achievement of full potential

No Evidence for Plant Oils

Contrary to popular belief there is no clinical evidence that plant derived Omega 3 oils, like Flax oil for example, can provide the benefits in “learning, eyesight …etc” listed above. In fact legislation does not permit any such claims for non marine oils

Trimega is the Best

Up to 50 times greater bio-availability than all other fish oils – one scoop provides the Omega-3 DHA/EPA absorption equivalent to 4-6  grams of fish oil. Exceeds both European and U.S. standards for purity – no toxins or contaminants. Shelf stable – No refrigeration needed, keeps for ages.

common questions

Cod liver oil - how does it compare?

Many owners feed Cod Liver Oil and may be interested to know how Trimega Salmon Oil extract compares. The unique phospholipids  in Trimega deliver up to 50 times more Omega 3 EPA and DHA fatty acids to the cell membranes, where Omega 3’s are finally used. Furthermore Cod Liver Oil contains large amounts of vitamins A and D which can cause overdosing if fed daily. The right amount of these and other vitamins and minerals are found in the formula of Trimega

Why is marine Omega 3 far superior to plant oils like flax?

The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish  are vital to  good health. However, many owners have been led to believe that they’ll get these same fatty acids from oils like hemp, flaxseed, primrose, and borage. However these  products do not contain EPA and DHA, which are the omega 3 fatty acids that have been shown to produce all of the incredible results. Fish is nature’s richest source of these two incredible fatty acids. When we look at oils like flaxseed oil from a nutritional point-of-view,  we find it only provides part of the story.  While it’s true that flaxseed contains the omega 3 fatty acid called ALA , a pre-curser to EPA and DHA, recent studies have shown that the conversion rate in the body is so low (0.05%-0.2%) as to be insufficient to fulfil our dogs needs. In fact some recent reseach in Human medicine highlights this:- American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Vol. 77: 226-233 – 2003). A group of women were given 15,000 mg of flaxseed oil (ALA) daily. At the end of 12 weeks not one of the participants had an increase of EPA or DHA within their blood plasma or the red blood cells. So why would anyone substitute flaxseed oil for fish oil when the research is proving that it does absolutely nothing to increase the levels of EPA and DHA in the body?

How much does Trimega cost to use?

Trimega is up to 50 times as absorbable as regular Salmon Oil and so cost comparisons cannot be made directly. However a 350 gm pot will last 180 days for a 25 kg dog and If you compare that to liquid Salmon Oil, remarkably, Trimega usually works out to be lower in cost to use!

What about the Omega added to some premium dog foods?

Well, it’s a nice idea – but just take a look at the quantity added (if they will tell you). There is just not enough even when it’s a fish oil rather than inferior flax oil. Omega 3 in dried kibble type dog food tends to degrade because of its exposure to air.

Do I need to feed Omega 6 oils as well

Omega 6 fatty acids are found in animal sources (like fish oils but also in meat) as well as in plant sources (corn oil,sunflower oil,rapeseed oil etc). With the abundance of omega 6 fatty acids in both raw and prepared dog foods, it’s not  necessary to supplement it. Because the two types of Omega (3 and 6) are actually in direct competition when it comes to metabolism, the balance between the two is important so you need to supplement for Omega 3 fatty acids only.


What’s So Special About Trimega Salmon Oil For Dogs

Trimega is the first nutritional supplement for dogs that carries the omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, directly to the tissues  as naturally occurring marine phospholipids.

These phospholipids aid in transporting the EPA and DHA through cellular membranes directly to specific cellular targets, such as cardiac and neural cells. Phospholipids have been clinically demonstrated to have superior bio-availability compared to other fish oils. 

Research has shown that because the marine phospholipids contain DHA and EPA in a specific location on the carbon chain, they are up to 50 times more absorbable* by cell membranes.


Ref:*Linder M, Fanni J, Parmentier M, Regnault P. Procede d’obtention d’une huile et d’un hydrolysat de proteins a partir d’une source marine de tissus proteiques et huile et hydrolysat de proteins obtenus par mise en oeuvre de ce procede. French patent number 2,835,703. August 15, 2003.

Why Is Salmon Oil So Good For Puppies & Elderly Dogs?

Salmon Oil Helps Puppies Learning

Omega 3 is essential for brain development in puppies and evidence exists  to show that supplementation can produce positive results.

Eukeneba carried out trials on puppies who were taught how to recognise shapes that led them to a treat. After 5 days training twice the number of puppies fed on the high Omega 3 DHA diet achieved an 80% success rate (in finding the treat in a T-shaped maze). Research by the IAMS pet food company also indicates that the fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in fish oils promotes better brain development in puppies

Omega 3 Oils for Older Dogs

As our dogs age we naturally expect and we certainly do see deterioration in many functions:

Heart and Circulation, Immune System, Mobility and Joint Flexibility, Renal System, Mental Cognisance, Eyesight and Skin and Coat quality

There is considerable evidence now that all of these functions decline more slowly if the diet contains sufficient Omega 3 fatty acids. Sometimes the results can even seem remarkable. It’s a vast subject and so we have provided a  link   to a separate compilation of Clinical studies for those readers wishing to go into greater depth.

Safety, Feeding & Ingredients


Trimega is extracted from the Atlantic Salmon. It is a combination of fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and protein peptides – extracted using a patented process. High temperatures and harsh chemical are avoided completely – leaving this whole food as close to nature intended as it’s possible to be. It exceeds all known safety standards for heavy metal, dioxins etc and is approved by EU and FDA regulations


Unlike traditional Salmon and Cod Liver liquid oils, Trimega is in granule form and therefore it is both easier to measure out and cleaner to handle.  It has the added bonus of having no fishy odour – although it tastes of fish – so dogs love it!

Trimega’s palatable granules are sprinkled onto or mixed into your dog’s food daily. Because the omega oils in Trimega are as much as 50 times more absorbable as ordinary fish oil, the amount required is smaller than with a liquid oil. 

We recommend 1 scoop (1900mg) per 20 kilos of body weight daily. We provide a small dog pack with a smaller scoop (700mg) for dogs under 10kg.


The active ingredients of Trimega are: Phosholipid/Peptide complex (containing EPA/DHA fatty acid phospholipid) extracted from Atlantic Salmon, Selenium (from selinomethionine), Marine algae extracts from Kelp to provide trace minerals, Zinc Gluconate to support skin and coat health.

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