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Clinical strength biotin for increased hair and nail growth in dogs


A show quality coat

For a show quality coat of strong healthy hair, breeders use biotin to display their dog’s coat to best advantage

Easy to administer capsules that can be fed whole or simply opened and the powder sprinkled on food

Available Pack Size


Biotin-max for dogs will help your dog to grow a healthy, shiny coat and strong, healthy nails


Maintaining your dog’s shiny healthy coat can be important to you – you may need to have an outstanding coat if you ‘show’ your dog. Some dogs need help to maintain strong nails to resist the knocks that their activity brings. Our Biotin-Max supplement will accelerate hair and nail growth.

Clinical strength

D-Biotin is clinically* proven to support the production of the proteins that hair and claws are made from – promoting noticeable increased growth. Biotin-max for dogs provides the same amount as used in scientific trials to guarantee the maximum result for you and your pet.


Biotin is a vitamin (usually called Vitamin H or Vitamin B8) that your dog cannot manufacture for itself. Therefore your dog must obtain the minute quantities required from the diet or possibly from the micro-organisms in the gut.

Scientific research has confirmed that when Biotin is present in many times it’s normal concentration, something very unusual happens to hair and nail growth.


Feed one capsule per day for every 10kg of your pet’s weight;  a 20kg dog would need two capsules per day. You may feed the capsules whole, often with a treat, or you may open them and sprinkle the tasteless white powder onto or into your pet’s food.  

You should start to see changes after a couple of weeks. Bear in mind that both hair and nail are “dead” tissues and so you must give time for the stronger hair, and nail especially, to grow from the inside out.


Each capsule contains 5000 micrograms (5mg) of vitamin H (d-biotin) pharmacuetical grade 99% pure. Biotin is a safe water soluble vitamin, there are no known adverse side effects. Excess vitamin is excreted in the urine and does not accumulate in the body. It is safe for continued long term use if required.

Other ingredients are: vegetable gelatin(capsule), maltodextrin (carrier for biotin),  silicon dioxide

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