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Every dog is unique – and when it comes to coping with the stresses they encounter in everyday life then some may need your help

What is Settlers for?

You may feel that your dog is not as content, stable or relaxed as he/she could be.  Settlers may help bring the highs and lows under control and reduce extremes of unwanted behaviours. 

Fireworks, thunder, travel, separation, shows and competition can all contribute to stress in your dog


Stress in dogs


Stress is a fixture in our modern lives and increasingly seems to be affecting our dogs too. Occasional stress is not necessarily a bad thing but when it affects your dog’s quality of life you may want to take action and use a dog calmer supplement.   

The science indicates there is or should be a happy balance of natural minerals in the body but that when this balance is upset then erratic behaviours may occur. Such behaviours might show in the form of persistent unprovoked barking,  shrinking nervousness, travelling problems and so on – each dog will show unique reactions to the same stimulus. Stress-less Settlers dog anxiety remedy is so unique that we are constantly being surprised by the range of its applications.  

To date Settlers dog calmer has had positive results not only in helping pet dogs suffering from a wide variety of issues such as dog separation anxiety, travel sickness, over-exuberance, fear of fireworks and noise in general, but also dogs nervous in the show ring and agility dogs which are calm at home but unable to focus at training or in the competition ring. 

A calm relaxed dog will undoubtedly be a happier dog and his/her owner will be happier too.

Where does stress begin?

Our canine partners usually do their best to please us humans, their owners, but always remember that they are not machines or tools.  Dogs are living breathing individuals and they, like us, feel differently day by day. They experience emotion and they can suffer from stress just like us. But how do you know when your dog is feeling stressed?


Stress is cumulative

It can be communicated from handler to dog, one dog to another, one human to another, dog to handler and so on, round and round. It can become an obstacle to optimum performance by either side of the partnership. If you have had a tough day, time spent with your dog may be the perfect release of tension. Sometimes though it can be easy – inadvertently – to take out your pent-up emotions and frustrations on the dog.

How do you know when your dog is feeling stressed?

Dogs communicate through body language and they give off a variety of signals to indicate their state of mind. Similarly, if they recognise that you are stressed then they are quite capable of trying to signal you to calm down. Try to observe your dog in daily life to learn the signals of stress that are specific to him and what has triggered the stress on any particular occasion. We cannot totally prevent stress. Neither is it necessarily a bad thing unless your dog’s stress level exceeds the point at which it is no longer capable of paying you attention which then, in itself, can become a source of further stress to both handler and dog.

Stress indicators to watch out

Change of posture –  dropping to the ground, Stretching, Change of pace, Abnormal tail action, Shaking and trembling, Ceaseless pacing or simply lack of movement, Shutting down -becoming ‘flat’ in posture and mentality, Vocalisation – squeaking, whining, barking, Facial expression – squinty or shifty eyes, dilated pupils, glazed expression, showing the whites of the eye, Avoidance of eye contact, Excessive panting, licking, yawning or drooling, Frowning, ears held back, corners of mouth may be held rigidly, Any attention-seeking or irrational behaviours – digging, self-mutilation, persistent scratching, sniffing, spinning, circling, hiding, destruction of environment, etc


Stress factors will cause your dogs adrenal gland to produce the two stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline initiates the “fight or flight” response while cortisol triggers production of the extra energy required. When dogs are stressed their metabolic rate is increased and their mental ability is impaired. These are the causes of the unusual,and illogical behaviour that we see.

When a dog becomes stressed, anxious, nervous or excited, they burn off magnesium. This allows its partner mineral, calcium, to overload muscle and nerve cells and replicates the rise of adrenaline. This can cause erratic behaviour, sensitivity, nervousness, aggression and/or tension. When your dog magnesium reserves become low he will stay in a stressed condition rather than relaxing and forgetting about the bad experience he has just suffered. 

Settlers contains magnesium aspartate-hydrochloride, a hi-tech form of magnesium used by vets and equestrian competitors as an anxiety cure for over 25 years, establishing itself as the choice of top professionals in many disciplines. It does not contain sedative substances or herbs and therefore it can reduce stresses without making your dog drowsy or changing the character of your dog.


Feeding Settlers

The recommended amount of Settlers to feed is based on your dog’s bodyweight in kilos and is one tablet or 1ml of liquid for every 10kg (22lbs) of bodyweight. For the first three days give half the recommended daily amount to allow the dog’s system time to adjust and avoid ‘funny tummy’ troubles then increase to the whole amount advised.  If convenient split the daily ration and give morning and evening to keep magnesium levels topped up throughout the day. After this adjustment period it is safe to feed increased quantities when anticipating particularly stressful events such as moving to a new home, a stay in kennels, a new addition to the family, competition etc.

Whether you use Settlers in liquid or tablet form. The decision will be influenced perhaps by how well your dog will accept a ‘pill’ but to make your life easier each bottle of the liquid comes fitted with an adaptor and a graduated syringe.  All of this information is simply intended as a starting point and eventually you may feel that your dog needs some adjustment to achieve optimum benefit.


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