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Clarifye NAC Eye Drops

NAC Drops solution support eye health by diffusing a powerful but natural anti-oxidant directly into your dog’s eyes.

We believe that antioxidant eye support is a breakthrough in providing natural support for your dog’s eye health.

NAC Drops offer excellent soothing and lubricating qualities. N-acetyl-carnosine  has been found to be safe in both human and animal trials. You can use Clarifye NAC drops to support your dog’s eyes naturally.

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Clarifye eye drops are used to keep your dog’s eyes healthy

Clarifye drops help to keep your dog’s eyes clear. The anti-oxidants in Clarifye help reduce damage to the proteins in the lens – keeping the lens clear

While there are many diseases that affect dog’s eyes, the most common long term problem is cataracts. They can be hereditary or created by lifestyle and diet. Diabetes is a common cause

Clarifye is for Dogs and Cats only – do not use on other species

You can use Clarifye on any age of dog, in a single eye that you feel needs support or on both eyes

Trustpilot rated 5 Star – see more reviews below

“The eye drops Clarifye have stopped the delevopment of cataracts in both of my Border Collies eyes”

Mr J Hall, Trustpilot Reviews, January 2020

Directions for Use

Suitable for both dogs and cats. Apply 1 drop in affected eyes 4 times a day. Continue application for at least 90 days for best results. A full course may need to be 6-9 months. Reduce the application to once per day when you feel that your dog’s eye health is satisfactory…………….watch this video if you need guidance on how to do it    

Take care not to touch the bottle tip to any surface or to the eye(s) when applying the eye drops -keep it sterile. Do not use Clarifye if your pet is using steroid eye drops as they would neutralise the Clarifye and it would not offer any  benefit.

Drops come in a 10ml bottle with a dropper dispensing system. Once opened keep re-sealed and cool and discard after 60 days. A  10ml bottle will give over 200 drops enough for both eyes for over a month. If you receive your product in damaged packaging please return it to us rather than using it.

Safety is our number one concern when it comes to eye support

It is safe for your pet to ingest and lick. Many diabetic dogs have eye problems and Clarifye is safe to use with diabetic dogs

Animal Clinical Research & Trials

The testing of various anti-glycation agents over nearly a  decade led a Russian research team to the development of n-acetylcarnosine as a delivery system for the natural eye anti-oxidant L-carnosine. These studies produced remarkably fast results for the animals involved. Furthermore, no serious side effects were noted and the beneficial affects were sustainable.

More recent studies by Cambridge University Veterinary School have confirmed that all 30 dogs in a trial received bebeficial effect from NAC eye drops. 


Clarifye contains more than twice as much N-acetycarnosine as other brands.

Ingredients – N-acetylcarnosine 2.2%(anti-oxidant), Glycerol, Modified Microcellulose, Hyalauronic acid (lubricants), MSM, Water (sterile purified), Boric Acid/Potassium Bicarbonate (buffer), Benzyl Alcohol (preservative)

All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and the finished product is sterilised and hermetically packaged.

Don’t just take our word for it….

See what owners say on Trustpilot, Europe’s No.1 online consumer review medium

First class product and delivery.

I always experience next day delivery. I have used Clarify in my American Cocker Spaniel’s eye for some time for an eye defect, and his sight has been maintained.
John Tilstone

A good product recommended by my vet…

A good product recommended by my vet for my 14year old dog,I've been using these eye drops for over a year and they are helping we feel,maybe a discount might be nice for regular customers with repeat orders.
Sylvie Mansbridge

Ace Canine are Ace!!

There products are brilliant and work very well. We use the Clarifye and the Carnicare for our 14 year old spaniel and they work brilliantly. His eyes have been so much better since we stopped using the goop advised by the vet and started him on Clarifye. Even the vet commented on how much better his eyes were!! Their ordering and dispatch are also excellent - the orders arrive very quickly and their order updates are also really helpful

Sarah P

I have been using Clarify eye drops for my 11 year old cocker spaniel's cataracts since late 2017 when they were diagnosed by my vet. I took her for a represcription eye check recently and the vet said the results were 'remarkable . ..quite remarkable . . keep using the Clarifye eye drops!' We have photographed her eyes every 6 months and there is definite improvement. Despite the cataracts her sight is good. As the vet said, 'I can see her retina and if I can see in, she can see out.' The delivery is usually the following day. Thank you. Sue Thomason Jones and Polly

Sue Thomason Jones


Three years ago my dog started with a cataract in her left eye so I put her on Clarifye. At her last annual MOT and jab I asked her vet about the cataract and (more…)

Mr D I Leeds

My 9 year old Border Collie Zak has cataracts in both eyes. The eye drops has not removed the cataracts but has slowed their development.

Mr John Hall

A very professional service, I have no complaints. Products are always delivered in good condition and on time. The product I order called 'Clarifye' is excellent for my (more…)

Karol Malcolm



Trying Clarify drops on diabetic Westie. On third bottle over a month but eyes really do seem to be less cloudy and very bright and (more…)


Three years ago my dog started with a cataract in her left eye so I put her on Clarifye.At her last annual MOT and jab I asked her vet about the cataract and he said "What cataract?" If only there was a similar treatment for her hearing!

Mr D I Leeds

I was not sure about what products I…

I was not sure about what products I needed for my Yorkshire Terrier. He has progressive cataract, stiff joints and a heart murmur. I emailed Ace Canine asking for advice and immediately received (more…)

Consolata McCoy 23/10

Looking Good

Trying Clarify drops on diabetic Westie. On third bottle over a month but eyes really do seem to be less cloudy and very bright and shiny. Going to carry on for a few months and see if it keeps improving


my beautiful little Lhasa has cataracts…

my beautiful little Lhasa has cataracts due to diabetis so I and I looked up on the internet hopeing there was in any way that I could help him.and I came across your your post and (more…)

Sonia Robinson

Received N-acetyl carnosine drops…

promptly. Have been administering for just over one week and sense an improvement in both of my dogs eyes. Hope drops last for reasonable trial period before needing to re-order

Ian Whitehead 15/8

Ian Whitehead

Was recommended to use Ace by my vet…

Was recommended to use Ace by my vet last week for cataracts, I'm impressed already after just a few days and have recommended your company to a friend thankyou


Sylvie Mansbridge

Quick dispatch of their product helps…

Quick dispatch of their product helps when I run out. The drops are helping with the cloudiness of our dogs eyes I hope it is helping maintain his sight if not improve it. The university reports (more…)


My vet first noticed my cocker spaniel

My vet first noticed my cocker spaniel, Polly had subtle cataracts in November 2017. She had a re-prescription check up on Aug 1st. I've been putting Clarifye drops 2 - 4 times daily since (more…)

Sue Thomason Jones


I have been treating my dog with this for about four years. It appears to have stabilised the eye problem. Always get next day delivery.


John Tilstone

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John 19/11/20

Flex Sprinkle
I've used Ace-Canine's Flex Sprinkle for my Goldie for years; ensuring she stays as supple and mobile as possible.
From ordering to delivery, within 24 hrs!!! Excellent service.

Nathalie S 19/11/20

Instant relief for our dog
Our 11 years old Keeshond started having joint issues and has an early stage of cataract. I contacted Ace Canine through their social media, asked for more information on which medication was best for our dog. Not only were they very helpful, I also got a discount code.
Our dog is relieving through her medication although if it's not given on time, she can relapse with fatigue and limping.
I've been giving her Clarifye for her cataract 4 times a day for a month, I think it helps but can't really tell for sure, also no changes on her eyes discolouration.
She's also taking Trimega as a multivitamin, Flex Celadrin and Flex Sprinkle Joincare. Now this combo has made a huge change on her overall health. She's back to being playful, even runs, seems more happy and has good appetite.
I used to give her as well Plaque Away, that definitely worked especially with foul breath but I stopped it as I didn't want to overload her with supplements.
All in all, would highly recommend Ace Canine products, it sure works on our dog.

Rachel 15/11/20

Flex Sprinkle Jointcare
Love the stuff ! The dogs do really well on it rate it. The company staff really helpfully and delivered without delay. One of the best company’s I have dealt with

Kevin Preston 4/11/20

Flex Celadrin
I bought the Flex Celadrin capsules as one of my older dogs was suffering with his back legs. Have to say it seems to have made a great difference in his walking now. Much better to use this then the injection he was getting every 6 months. I will definitely continue to use these capsules. Thank you.

Janice Dexter 13/11/20

Clarifye Eye Drops

Katy Fenton 11/11/20

Flex Sprinkle Jointcare
Wouldn't be without it. Tried cheaper but it's just NOT the same. 100% Recommended !!

Nicola 27/10/20

Flex Sprinkle Jointcare
Literally a miracle in a pot, our 16 year old staffy has a spring in his step and is moving about a lot more easier. Fantastic results, the loading dose has literally given him a new lease of life within 48 hours. We will be putting our 8 year old on it next. Amazing product that I wish we had known about sooner.

Karen Winter 14/11/2020

Clarifye Eye Drops
Excellent product - Clarifye. Has made an amazing improvement in my jack russells cataracts already even when she is 16 years old. It has given her a quality of life back and she is much happier in herself and enjoying her walks again. She can now see much longer distances and manages well in the dark.Product arrived promptly and well packaged. Thank you Ace Canine!!